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Album release from Daniel Grimwood: Henselt Complete Études

Daniel Grimwood

Following his acclaimed first recording of Adolph von Henselt’s piano works for Edition Peters Sounds (EPS005), Daniel Grimwood now presents a unique recording of Henselt’s complete Études coupled with the complete Préambules. Henselt can truly be considered one of the founding fathers of the Russian School. He counted among his pupils Nicolai Sergeyvich Zverev, the teacher of Rachmaninoff and Scriabin. Rachmaninoff considered Henselt’s Études the equal of those by Liszt and Chopin for their great beauty. This double album imaginatively places the two sets of Études Op. 2 and Op. 5 alongside Henselt’s improvisatory ‘Préambules’, one in each key, and also includes the Étude in A minor and the Étude Op. 13 No. 2 ‘La Gondola’ together with the Étude ‘Au Jardin’ that Balakirev composed to honour Henselt’s fiftieth anniversary in St Petersburg.

Listen here.